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Manila, one of the world’s largest and most diverse cities and the pearl of the Orient — Filipino food, architecture, music, literature, lifestyle, philosophy, religion and politics that have been practiced and maintained by the numerous ethnic groups since prehistory.

Yes, life in Manila is different from suburban or rural life because the population density leads to cultural differences. There are some things that only happen where there are a lot of people. Urban centers like Manila have more concerts, theater, art, and other cultural centers.

The word “urban” can be defined as characterized by higher population density and vast human features in comparison to areas surrounding it.  Based on this definition, urban life varies greatly depending upon many factors that shape the urban area being described.

Manila life frequently includes dealing with the results of large numbers of people living close together. These results may include systems of public transportation and other services; opportunities for employment, entertainment and/or education; environmental pollution of various types; and a wide variety of types of housing for the people who live in the urban area. The lifestyle of people living in an urban area is frequently stereotyped as being more hectic or at a faster pace than that of residents living in a less populated center or in a rural setting.

What about Manila’s place in the world today?

With the goal of common development and prosperity, Manila’s leaders embrace, learn from and respect one another, leading to the flourishing of individual civilizations as well as the emergence of a “community with shared future for mankind” where countries come together and unite. One of this newspaper’s aims is to promote a mutual understanding and respect, peaceful coexistence, common development and shared prosperity among countries with an emphasis on an eternal Filipino civilization.

Manila is the most crowded city on Earth; no doubt.

As birth control is either illegal or unavailable, Manila faces a population crisis that is crippling the city to its very core.

Life inside Manila is incredibly cramped. More than 1.78 million people call the Filipino capital home, however tight a fit it is: Indeed, this city holds 110,000 people per square mile, making Manila the most densely populated major city on Earth. This overpopulation, which leaves many residents living in poverty, is a problem that the government has compounded by restricting the use of contraceptives. In 2000, the former mayor of Manila banned the distribution of contraceptives in city-funded health centers, which lasted nearly a decade.

Also, poverty is a very real thing in Manila, even though the city has tried to cover it up. According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, there were 2.8 million informal settlers (roughly 556,526 families) around Metro Manila in 2010. Some 104,000 families were residing in areas such as garbage dumps, railroad tracks, rivers, creeks and canals. These areas were identified as danger zones by the Department of Interior and Local Government. There are now 1.5 million informal settlers across the Philippines, of which 40% are in Metro Manila.

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