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Manila, one of the world’s largest and most diverse cities and the pearl of the Orient — Filipino art, architecture, music, literature, lifestyle, philosophy, religion and politics that have been practiced and maintained by the numerous ethnic groups since prehistory.

Yes, we are an old an venerable society! The traditional arts in the Philippines encompass folk architecture, maritime transport, weaving, carving, folk performing arts, folk (oral) literature, folk graphic and plastic arts, ornament, textile, or fiber art, pottery, and other artistic expressions of traditional culture. There are numerous Filipino specialists or experts on the various fields of traditional arts, with those garnering the highest distinctions declared as Gawad Manlilikha ng Bayan (GAMABA), equal to National Artist.

But art is about beauty AND function…  Take for example the art of creating our maritime transportation — the boat houses, boat-making, and maritime arts. the Philippines have created the most beautiful boats in the world!  These floating structures, traditionally made of wood chosen by elders and craftsfolks, were used as the main vehicles of the people, connecting one island to another, where the seas and rivers became the people’s roads. Although boats are believed to have been used in the archipelago for thousands of years since the arrival of humans through water, the earliest evidence of boat-making and the usage of boats in the country continues to be dated as 320 AD through the carbon-dating of the Butuan boats that are identified as remains of a gigantic balangay.

Manila has played a leading role in the history of art. The complex natural and geographical environment and diverse cultures and customs of the Philippines have given birth to a variety of distinctive regional civilizations over its thousands-year-long history.

What about Manila’s place in the art news today?

With the goal of common development and prosperity, Manila’s leaders embrace, learn from and respect one another, leading to the flourishing of individual civilizations as well as the emergence of a “community with shared future for mankind” where countries come together and unite. One of this newspaper’s aims is to promote a mutual understanding and respect, peaceful coexistence, common development and shared prosperity among countries with an emphasis on an eternal Filipino civilization.

Art is complicated; no doubt.

Art is important!  Our world is becoming more complex than the past and art soothes the soul and makes us think.

Art is how we express ourselves. Art allows us to tell stories visually, and share the way we see the world. Art allows us to tell stories visually, and share the way we see the world. There are so many different mediums or materials that can be used to make artwork, which is part of the beauty of using it as a form of expression. This makes it easier for artists to craft their own unique style and voice.

Art can inspire others. Artwork can inspire others in the arts and even serve as motivation for people in different industries to create something of their own. Making your own artwork, and making it to the best of your abilities, can inspire others to make their own art – which can inspire others as well.

Arts can make the world more interesting. Without art, our lives would be pretty dull. We wouldn’t have artwork decorating our walls at home or work, and we wouldn’t get that inspiration from visiting art museums and galleries. There wouldn’t be designs and patterns on our clothing, bags, or rugs. There wouldn’t be cartoons or illustrations in publications or on TV.

And finally, art can record our history. Even if we’re not aware of it, the art we make helps record what life is like at a given point in time. This can be done simply with the materials used that can date the work, or the subject matter depicted. Art serves as a record of how life was when the work of art was created.

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